Postcode Lottery Green Challenge - 17 July 2018

We have fantastic news! AquaBattery has been selected as one of the 25 nominees for the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2018. This is one of the world’s largest annual competitions for sustainable entrepreneurship and we’ve been chosen from 845 applications from around the world. We’re in the running to win €500,000 to further develop our Blue Battery in order to speed up our market introduction. The company that is the runner-up will receive €200,000 and the three other finalists will receive €100,000 each.
On 15 August we will hear whether AquaBattery is one of the five finalists competing in Amsterdam for the grand prize in September. So stay tuned! For more information visit the website of the Green Challenge competition.

Nominee Green Challenge

Waterman Prijs

Waterman Sustainability Award - 21 June 2018

Our CEO, David Vermaas, won the Waterman Sustainability Award. The Waterman Sustainability Award, consisting of a cash prize and a Waterman Medal set with inscription, is awarded every two years to a scientist from one of TU Delft departments Bionanoscience, Biotechnology or Chemical Engineering who ‘has exerted him/herself in the field of the development and implementation of methods that simultaneously improve the environment and reinforce the economy’. Next to his academic work on electrochemistry, the jury strongly valued David’s involvement in AquaBattery, where the state-of-the-art knowledge is directly applied.

Pilot opening - 24 November 2017

After more than 9 months of designing, calculating, testing, programming and constructing, we have finally delivered stage 1 of our first demonstration project. The unofficial opening, for the AB-team & partners, was attended by twice as many people as expected and was a big success: the battery started operation for the first time! Read more about it (and for nice pictures as well!) at the website of Compass.

Blue Battery pilot


Accenture Innovation Awards - 27 October 2017

After a semi-finals last year, we have won the Accenture Innovation Awards this year in the category Circular Economy. After several rounds of pitching, Jiajun convinced the jury during the finals in Utrecht with a strong pitch. With an in-kind price full of invaluable support and mentorship, we are very happy to have won this award. Read more about it at the website of Accenture

Horizon 2020 - 1 May 2017

A collaboration between AquaBattery, Wetsus, FujiFilm Europe, CIRCE, Università degli studi di Palermo and SMEDE Pantelleria (Gruppo SO.FI.P) has attracted a Horizon-2020 subsidy from the European Commission (Competitive Low-Carbon Energy). Together we will work on developing a novel energy storage system with a higher energy and power density, and for that matter we will realize a demonstration battery on the island of Pantelleria, Italy. Although the project has started already, still a lot of R&D is needed before operation of the battery can take place. At the end of 2018 we will start construction of the battery.


Blue Battery pilot Delft

New office - 15 March 2017

In order to make bigger steps we had to move. From a decent 20m2 with only space to build and test, we moved to an even more decent place with office and workshop space. This move was accompanied by attracting internship students and new employees in the form of Maurits Maks and Juan-Sebastián Alvarez. Curious? Come visit us!

TKI Urban Energy - 1 February 2017

The subsidy from RVO named TKI Urban Energy has been granted. We are scaling all components of the Blue Battery, thereby integrating the Blue Battery in a micro-grid at The Green Village in Delft. The battery will be run by a special battery management system, controlling pumps, valves, sensors and managing the charging and discharging process. The first stage of the system is in operation in October, running on 100% half a year later.

Blue Battery pilot Delft


Herman Wijffels Awards- 3 November 2016

We won in the finals in the category Circular Economy. On November 3rd, a big event was organized in Nijmegen. Read more about it (and our competitors in the finals) on the Herman Wijffels website.
BNR interviewed us prior to the event as well, listen back on BNR Duurzaam (@12:20).

TKI Systeemintegratiestudies - 5 October 2016

The subsidy from RVO named TKI Systeemintegratiestudies has been granted. In this study we will investigate the feasibility of integrating the Blue Battery, in combination with a battery management system, yet also research social acceptance and necessary law- and regulation framework. This is the last step before a working prototype and suitable business case.



Climate-KIC stage II- 4 October 2016

After a successful round 1, AquaBattery will now continue joining the second stage of Climate KIC the Netherlands. The focus is on talking to more than 100 potential customers and other relevant parties; we'll investigate the different links in the electricity value chain, identifying problems, needs and desires. Let's see what this will bring us!

Marcel Mulder Award - 3 October 2016

Amazing! At the annual Wetsus congress, our Jan Willem van Egmond was honored with the Marcel Mulder Award. The jury praised him for the outstanding research achievements this year in the development of the salinity gradient battery, which resulted in two patent applications and a scientific paper in ES&T. David Vermaas and Jan Post were awarded this prize in the past. Jan Willem, congratulations!



ImagineIF & Accenture Awards - September 2016

We got selected for the ImagineIF finals and Accenture Innovation Awards semi-finals this September. Although we were very honored for both, we could not attend any of these events due to increasingly challenging agendas of all team members: a proposal for subsidizing the upcoming demonstration project had to be finished in time!

Delft - April 2016

AquaBattery have a new laboratory in the Green Village of Delft. There, we are building an advanced version of the Blue Battery, which will bring us a step further. 




TEDx Utrecht - 27 January 2016

Mei Nelissen has presented the Blue Battery at the TEDx Utrecht. Mei is a student supervised by Dr. Michel Saakes from our innovation partner Wetsus, European centre of excellence for sustainable water technology. She presented the Blue Battery based on pH and salinity gradients (direct link.)

Rotterdam -19 November 2015

AquaBattery went to the Finals of "Get in the Ring" and Emil delivered a winning pitch in front of a large audience. One more big success!!!




Delft - 30 July 2015

AquaBattery has been granted with the STW (Stage 1) fund. This will be reinvested to built the prototype version 2.0, which  will help us to be ready for the next step: testing the battery in a relevant environment.



Amsterdam - 4 May 2015

The radio station BNR (Business Nieuws Radio) will interview the Blue Battery team. We are not afraid of the tough questions we will be asked. The contrary, the listeners will finally have a chance to understand better what our battery is about. Follow the live interview Monday the 4th of May at 19.00 (C.E.T.), click here.

Get in the Ring - 30 April 2015

We have been invited to pitch our business idea at the world competition GITR (Get In The Ring). Ulrich delivered an amazing pitch that brought us to be between the best six finalists.

persfoto cleantech


Cambridge Innovation Forum - April 2015

This time our team breaks the national borders and goes to participate in the finals of the Business Idea competition in Cambridge. The location is fantastic and we are ready to "battle" against the other start-ups. Anyway, it will be a great experience to see what the other finalists will present. Let's go!

Philips Innovation Award - April 2015

A big success!!! The Blue Battery goes to Rotterdam and gets selected by Philips between the best 5 start-ups that will compete against each other to win the big prize: 50.000 euro. The final will be held the 21st of May, at the  Rotterdamse Schouwburg. Support us!


F Graduation March 2015 group

Climate-KIC - December 2014

Another big step forward: the team has been selected for the business incubator program of Climate KIC. Here, we will have a chance to refine the business plan, the market strategy and understand the pain we are solving.

TU Delft - February 2014

The Blue Battery team wins the Delft Energy Initiative prize (DEI). Thanks to that, it will be possible to build the first transportable prototype. Moreover, the team will participate to the LaunchLab organized by YesDelft, a business incubator that aims at helping and launch start-ups towards the success.