The Blue Battery is the only electrical storage system that is 100% sustainable. We have developed an innovative product that stores electricity solely using water and table salt. Our invention will revolutionize the energy storage world and it will foster the growth of renewable energy technologies around the globe.


We want to stop the use of toxic materials, such as the acids used to build conventional batteries. Those systems are obsolete and extremely damaging to the environment. On the right, you can see a picture of our first prototype. A second, more advanced one (Version 2.0), is being built right now.

The Blue Battery




No toxic materials are used to run the battery. Only the abundantly available salt and water are needed to store electricity, making it 100% sustainable and long lasting.



With our Blue Battery we aim at storing energy for a very competitive price. Investing in this solution will cut the energy bills.



The battery runs at atmospheric pressure and at room temperature. No harmful chemical reactions are happening in the storing process. Possible leakages of water are not seen as a threat to the users.


Demonstration Blue Battery

The Blue Battery pilot

At the moment we are building our first pilot on The Green Village in Delft. Here our battery will store the electricity of solar panels and make sure the residents can enjoy renewable electricity day ánd night! In this pilot we are testing for the first time our system on large scale, and hence are scaling every single component, from stacks to pumps and from tubes to reservoirs. You can read more about it in the "News" section on the top!