What is AquaSplit?

With our latest technology, your organisation can easily produce its own acid and base. All you need is water, salt and electricity. AquaSplit makes the exact desired quantities of acid and base for you. This way, your organization never has too much or too little at hand and you do not need storage.

Making your industry more sustainable

Acid and base are widely used in, among others, food, chemical and heavy industry. AquaSplit produces these essential resources in a green way, thus helping to make these industries more sustainable.


Clean technology, only salt and water are needed.

Cost reducing

No more transport and storage required, and for a very competitive price.


Any desired concentration in any desired quantity.


Safer for employees and no transport of hazardous chemicals.

Decrease in carbon dioxide

Reduces carbon footprint.



How does the machine work?

AquaSplit is an advanced bipolar membrane electrodialysis system. Under the influence of an electric field, water molecules are split into protons and hydroxide ions in a bipolar membrane. Depending on the type of salt, any desired acid and base can be produced. In addition, it can neutralise waste streams. AquaSplit offers an energy efficient way to make acid and base in a concentration of your choice. The technology is scalable and can be used in any process. Are you interested in its possibilities? Please contact us!