Consortium with AquaBattery obtains honourable mention in contest ‘Energy Landscape of the Future’.

AquaBattery obtained an honourable mention in the design competition focused on the landscape integration of sustainable energy. The idea of the consortium with AquaBattery was a design focused on the landscape of Zeeland, named Energy island in the Westerschelde, focusing on the storage of renewable energy within the annular island by means of a large Blue Battery, comprised of large water bags floating in the water.

The idea emerged from a collaboration between Qirion, Feddes/Olthof landscape architects (responsible for the design), Energy Indeed, Zeeuwse Milieufederatie, consulting agency Haver/Droeze, Svasek Hydraulics and AquaBattery. The ambition of the participating parties is to ultimately realise the idea. Further consultations will take place in the coming period. The concept can also be used for other regions with similar issues in the area of landscape integration.

The Netherlands wants sustainable energy, but with an eye for the landscape and the environment. Sustainable generation requires space for solar parks on land and wind farms at sea. How can we become more slender that we not only generate clean energy but also make our landscape more beautiful?

Energy island in the Westerschelde is an idea that addresses one of the biggest problems in the energy transition, the storage of renewable energy. The water in the ring-shaped island is equipped with seawater batteries; on loading, sea water is split into acidic and alkaline water volumes that are stored in flexible bags floating in the water. The ringed island is of course executed. Other function combinations such as energy generation by floating solar panels and aquaculture are possible. The islands provide an airy and expansive landscape image.

This plan combines expertises in the field of energy, landscape architecture and spatial design, ecology, coastal morphology, energy storage technology and ecology with a vision for Zeeland saline waters. The ambition of the participating parties is ultimately to realize the idea.

About AquaBattery

AquaBattery is a clean-tech startup. It has developed the BlueBattery which stores energy in just water and table salt. Along with energy storage, AquaBattery is also developing water-based technologies for a sustainable future.