Internship: Product Development


Renewable energy technologies, such as wind turbines and solar PV, are increasingly being deployed. Supply of renewable energy, however, often does not match the current demand at various timescales. During high generation periods, the excess energy is lost which could have been stored and used during high demand periods. Furthermore, when the supply level is too high, electrical grids could become unstable which lead to damaging to the electricity network. AquaBattery aims to solve this problem by providing safe, sustainable and scalable energy storage technologies.

Who are we?

AquaBattery is a clean-tech startup consisting of highly-motivated, high-profile, and experienced engineers keen to develop sustainable energy storage technologies. We have developed a battery that can store electricity using only water and table-salt (i.e. storing electricity in salt concentration differences) called the Blue Battery. This battery system can help solve some of today’s energy storage problems in a clean, safe and sustainable manner. To be able to service a diverse variety of markets we are also developing: (1)The Green Battery which is also salt water-based system in which the energy is stored in mild acid and base leading to higher energy densities while being safe and clean and  (2)TerraBattery, a more conventional type battery, which is environmental friendly, safe, robust and completely recyclable.

What can you expect and who are you?

At AquaBattery you will be working in an energetic and dynamic environment with a team of professionals. You will have the opportunity to learn about energy storage technologies and explore the dynamic and quickly moving energy market. You can expect supervision and coaching and receive compensation for your work. Does this spark your enthusiasm? Come and join us if you:

  • Are a student registered at a Dutch university (HBO/WO) pursuing an engineering degree with an affinity for renewable energy
  • Are a Dutch & English speaking person
  • Are flexible in working hours and activities
  • Work accurately and are critical of your own and other people’s work
  • Are good at working together (both internally and externally)

Work description

You will be working in a team to perform a technical feasibility study to map out the technical needs and requirements of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in terms of energy storage. We would like to understand the local conditions and the willingness to accept sustainable energy storage technologies in the UAE. You will investigate the technical requirements needed to deploy sustainable energy storage systems in the UAE.


  • List of technical requirements needed for the deployment of sustainable energy storage systems;
  • List of technical requirements needed for off-grid and solar powered applications;
  • List of technical and safety requirements needed for the implementation of renewable energy storage systems in the UAE’s environmental conditions;
  • Research on the technical feasibility of the power and capacity requirements;
  • Research on the local’s technical competence and willingness to work with our technologies.

Duration: 3-6+ months | Location: Leiderdorp

Contact details:|

Website: | Tel. 0639656609 (call between 9-16hrs)

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