Marketing Internship- Topic: Energy storage market research to comprehend customer needs

Renewable energy technologies, such as wind and solar energy, are increasingly being deployed. Supply and demand of energy, however, often does not match. During high energy generation, the excess is lost which could be stored and used during high demand. Furthermore, when the supply level is too high, electrical grids become unstable which could lead to damage to the electricity network . AquaBattery has a goal to make this market safer and more efficient.

Who are we?

AquaBattery is clean-tech startup consisting of highly motivated and high-profile engineers interested in developing more sustainable energy technologies. We have developed a battery that can store electricity using only water and table-salt (i.e. salt concentration differences) called the Blue Battery. Our battery systems can help solve energy storage problems in a clean, safe and sustainable way. We are currently expanding our product range. Along with the Blue Battery, we are developing the Green Battery, which is also salt water based system in which the energy is stored in mild acid and base leading to higher energy densities while being safe and clean.

What can you expect and who are you?

At AquaBattery you will be working in an energetic and dynamic environment with a team of high-profile professionals. You will have the opportunity to learn about energy storage technologies and gain real time experience on market research. You can expect supervision and coaching and receive a compensation for your work. Does this spark your enthusiasm? Come and join us!

Job requirement:

  • You are a student at a Dutch university (HBO/WO) pursuing a business degree with an affinity for renewable energy.
  • You have experience with conducting surveys, data analysis and report writing.
  • You have a basic understanding of economics. Having some skills in web designing and coding is an advantage, but not required.
  • Dutch language is an advantage, but not required.

Work description:

You will be working in a team to map out our customer needs. AquaBattery is receiving requests daily for our battery products and we would like to understand what exactly it is the customer is looking for. Furthermore, we want to understand their motivation and what is important to them (e.g. cost savings, minimal backup, off-grid self-sufficiency, etc). You will conduct market research and be customer oriented. After we have obtained sufficient data, we will analyse these, try to divide customer needs into various categories and use this data to formulate an advice to our customers in a standard report. As part of the AquaBattery, you have the opportunity to come with your own ideas to improve our customer experience.


– Formulation of questions for potential customers and categorization based on their needs

– Analyzing the obtained data and extraction of useful information to put in a standard report.

– Implement these questions into a type of form and integrate this with our website (design and build the front-end/back-end of the webpage).

Duration: 3-6+ months | Location: Leiderdorp

Contact details: | Website:| Tel. 0639656609. (call between 9-16hrs)

Acquisitie wordt niet op prijs gesteld!

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