Job Positions

Are you interested in sustainable energy technology, and do you want to take big steps to make electricity even more sustainable and make the Netherlands stronger for the future? Maybe our vacancies are something for you!
Overall business description

AquaBattery is a start-up company with 10 young researchers and engineers, for the development of a new battery system for the storage of sustainable electricity. We use the osmosis principle, where energy can be extracted from the concentration difference between fresh and salt water, also known as Blue Energy. At times when a surplus of electricity is produced (for example with a lot of sun or wind), salt can be separated with membranes. At a later time, fresh and salt water can be converted back into electricity using membranes that are selective for positive or negative salt ions.
This concept has recently won several prizes (among others the Herman Wijffels Innovation Award 2016), and at the moment we are going to expand our team with a new employee and test this innovation as energy storage in households and companies. For more information, view the rest of the website, or send an e-mail!