AQUABATTERY is an acid-base flow battery based on reversible water dissociation, developed in the Netherlands. The battery stores electricity in the form of chemical energy in acid, base and saltwater solutions, which are kept in separate tanks. Pumps circulate these fluids through a power stack with electrodes separated by membranes. The membranes allow ion exchange between electrolytes to generate electricity. The power output depends on the surface area of the electrodes, while the storage duration depends on the electrolyte volume. This makes flow batteries easily customisable and suitable for long-duration applications and utility-scale deployment.

Dutch water expertise for sustainable long duration energy storage

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During the charging phase, the saltwater solution flows through the membrane stack and produces acid and base under an electric field. The acid and base are stored in separate reservoirs. This process stores electricity.

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During the discharge phase, the acid and
base solutions flow back through the membrane stack to mix and form saltwater again. This process generates electricity.


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