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AQUABATTERY's revolutionary technology delivers large-scale energy storage that is affordable, sustainable and completely safe, by storing energy in just table salt and water.

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Storing power with a purpose

Accelerating a 100% renewable system

Renewables like solar and wind power are forecast to be the largest source of global electricity by 2025. The pace at which renewable sources are installed is expected to quadruple by 2027. Existing grid infrastructure cannot keep up with this pace, risking curtailment and outages. Renewable electricity production varies throughout the day. We need solutions to keep the lights on when the sun isn’t out or the wind isn’t blowing. Solutions that provide flexibility to make solar and wind power available and reliable at all times.


Storing power with a purpose

Long duration energy storage

Long duration energy storage (LDES) provides much-needed intraday, multiday and seasonal flexibility. It allows excess renewable energy to be stored for a prolonged period of time. The surplus energy can then be used to fill energy demand when solar and wind sources are not available. AQUABATTERY's long duration energy storage solution enables the full integration of renewable sources into power systems. Making renewables dispatchable and reliable.


The next-generation battery

Store electricity economically with AQUABATTERY's competitive levelised cost of storage (LCOS). This results from low material cost, combined with 20-year durability without degradation.
Reduce your CO2 footprint with our battery. Our environmental impact is significantly lower vs. alternative batteries because we rely on abundantly, locally available, non-critical material. Our solution can be recycled at the end of life. Making our supply chain reliable and responsible.
Eliminate fire and explosion hazards to people, operations and environment. AQUABATTERY's reliance on non-flammable and non-toxic materials makes it highly suitable for use in close proximity to populated areas, critical infrastructure and industrial operations.
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Infinitely scalable
Be well prepared for future growth with our easily scalable system. Increasing storage duration is as simple as adding tanks with table salt and water.
Flexible (8+ hours)
Optimize AQUABATTERY dimensions based on your needs, leveraging its flexibility to independently scale power and energy capacity. Our system is suitable to store energy anywhere from 8 hours onwards, at KW to MW scale.
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"AQUABATTERY is one of Europe’s breakthrough technologies and game changing innovations"

European Innovation Council

Built for large scale needs

Commercial & industrial users

AQUABATTERY helps companies to reduce their energy costs and achieve net-zero targets. Our stationary storage enables your organisation to optimize the value from your renewable assets. Businesses that have made renewable power generation a pillar in their operations can rely on AQUABATTERY to store that power safely and sustainably.

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Remote microgrids

Replace polluting diesel generators with solar or wind-coupled AQUABATTERY systems. A sustainable and affordable energy storage solution that is easy to operate and maintain. With our solution your energy independence and supply is assured.

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Renewable power producers

AQUABATTERY systems store excess renewable power to balance the grid in times of excess supply, and supply the grid in times of high demand. Make the most out of your generation assets and let AQUABATTERY take care of a reliable, renewable power supply at all times.

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