AQUABATTERY provides the world’s most sustainable and safe long duration energy storage to enable a 100% renewable grid

We are a climate tech company with a revolutionary
solution to store solar and wind electricity in table salt and

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Dutch water technology for sustainable energy storage

In 2014, five passionate engineers came together in the Netherlands, connected by a shared ambition to reduce the pollution and waste of mainstream batteries. The co-founders recognized the urgent need for sustainable energy storage to enable a renewable grid. For the next three years, they combined their expertise in water technology and energy science to build AQUABATTERY’s first prototype: a flow battery using solely table salt and water. Our solution is key to securing a net-zero power system without the need for critical raw materials. By relying on abundantly available and environmentally friendly materials, AQUABATTERY is safe for people and the planet.

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Dutch water technology for sustainable energy storage


To meet the challenge set by the Paris Climate Agreement and keep global temperature rise under 1.5°C, the world is rapidly expanding solar and wind generation. By 2025 our team will deliver AQUABATTERY’s flagship energy storage unit to meet this challenge head-on. We use the power of entrepreneurship, supported by the European Innovation Council, to provide everyone with clean, renewable electricity anywhere, at all times.

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Commercialising the world’s first saltwater flow battery requires constant innovation and cutting-edge science. We take our company culture as seriously as our mission and build our strength on diversity, bold action and pushing the boundaries of sustainable energy storage. To date, our team has successfully built three AQUABATTERY pilots.

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Meet our team

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Emil Goosen
Founder, COO
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Emil is a serial entrepreneur with a MSc in Energy and Environmental Sciences and nearly 10 years of experience in operations and manufacturing
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Jiajun Cen
Founder, CEO
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Jiajun is a Forbes 30Under30 with a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College London and extensive experience in the water sector.
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Janneke Tjon Pian Gi - Stuijfzand
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Janneke has 10+ years of experience in various commercial and M&A roles in the energy transition space and supported ‘tech for good’ startups as a VC investor
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Armin Michel
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Armin is a seasoned tech executive, with 25 years in the polymer industry, with expertise in high-performance electrode and membrane materials.
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Jan Post
Founder, Advisor
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Jan W. Post is a dynamic professional with a passion for pushing the boundaries of innovation in water technology.
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David Vermaas
Founder, Advisor
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David A. Vermaas obtained a PhD degree in chemical engineering from University of Twente and Wetsus in 2014, after being educated in hydrology and water management .
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Balint Horvath
Business Development
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Jelle Zeilstra
Sr. Electrical Engineer
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Caroline Hall
Office Manager
Henil Goswami
Control Systems Engineer
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Yorick Baljeu
R&D Manager
0423 AcuaBatterry DSC_1939m-2
Eric Hogervorst
R&D Lab Coordinator
0423 AcuaBatterry DSC_1718m-2
Maitry Phukan
R&D Engineer
0423 AcuaBatterry DSC_1729m-2
Jessica Kolf
Office Assistant
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Aidin Safavi
Mechanical Engineer
Ayesha_website vf
Ayesha Nawaz
R&D Engineer
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Our office

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Led by co-founders, we are a multicultural team of R&D experts, product enthusiast and business developers who believe in the urgent need for climate action. We run our operational and manufacturing activities from Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands.
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‘AQUABATTERY is committed to make a positive climate impact through innovation and entrepreneurship‘

Jiajun Cen, Co-Founder