[PRESS RELEASE] Climate tech startup AQUABATTERY, and Museon-Omniversum, an impact-driven museum, announce their partnership during ImpactFest on November 7th in the Hague.

As partners, sealed with the One Planet handshake, AQUABATTERY and Museon-Omniversum will work together on three goals: to inspire by showcasing the startup’s battery innovation; to educate by exchanging expertise and redesigning the SDG 7 exhibition for ‘affordable and clean energy’ with a vision on a net-zero grid; and to activate each other’s stakeholders on climate entrepreneurship. Moreover, both AQUABATTERY and Museon-Omniversum prepare to publish their SDG impact report later this year.

AQUABATTERY was founded in 2014 in the Netherlands with a mission to develop the world’s most sustainable long duration energy storage (LDES). Led by impact entrepreneurs Emil Goosen and Jiajun Cen, AQUABATTERY has developed an innovative battery technology that uses only abundant materials as storage medium: table salt and water. The company’s battery solution is safe for people and the planet, and is designed to be reusable or recyclable at the end of life.

Jiajun Cen, CEO and co-founder of AQUABATTERY, says that “this partnership helps to show visitors how breakthrough innovation raises the bar for the social and environmental impact of the battery sector”. At the same time, Museon-Omniversum creates a platform which “engages both the public and decision makers to support energy storage adoption”. From the CEO’s view, LDES is key to accelerate the growth of renewables and reach 2030 climate and decarbonization targets set out by the SDGs and the Paris Agreement.

Therefore, AQUABATTERY and Museon-Omniversum are natural partners. The museum’s mission is to educate, inspire and activate public visitors, school classes, and professionals on global issues and a sustainable future. Under the One Planet philosophy, the museum presents insights into all 17 SDGs. Their interactive exhibitions, educational programs and events aim to motivate visitors to become active and responsible world citizens, and foster collaborations between different actors in society to move towards a better future.

Commenting on the handshake with AQUABATTERY, Iris van den Akker, the Commercial Director at Museon-Omniversum, says that “this partnership is the perfect example of how we leverage our network of innovative entrepreneurs to provide our visitors with very concrete and hopeful solutions for the future. By joining our forces we hope to create more impact”.

The parties plan to continue working on their activities in the coming months and integrate the learnings from COP28 in Dubai, where AQUABATTERY is going to be present. These learnings will maximize the partnership’s impact and value for the public.

Museon Handshake Impact Fest_v2
Peter de Haan, general director of Museon-Omniversum, exchanged the 'handshake' with Janneke Tjon Pian, CCO

Photo©Bastiaan Musscher